Together we can build a healthier Oakland.

It's time to prevent and protect against the flu in Oakland. Shoo the Flu is here to help by offering a simple solution - convenient vaccinations for kids at school. When children get vaccinated, the benefits go beyond healthier kids and fewer missed school days to protect the whole community.

Why Vaccinate?

It's the best defense against the flu - and we've got proof. Research shows vaccination reduces outbreaks, plus:

  • Kids stay on track in school. Fewer sick days for kids means less missed school.
  • Families save money. Fewer missed workdays to take care of children with flu or flu-like illnesses.
  • The whole community benefits. High-risk groups like the elderly or very young are protected when flu outbreaks are prevented.

In-school Clinics
Help Make It Happen

  • Safe: vaccines are the same as at the doctor's office.
  • Easy: most kids can get flu protection with a nasal spray instead of a needle.
  • Convenient: performed during regular school hours.

School-Year Details

Students in pre-kindergarten through 5th grade at most Oakland schools will have access to no-cost flu vaccines at in-school clinics led by licensed professionals.

Participation is voluntary and consent forms will be required from all parents who want their kids to be vaccinated.