A Helpful Guide for School-located Influenza Vaccination Programs​

Shoo the Flu® is a proven model for implementing a school-located influenza vaccination (SLIV) program, bringing flu vaccines to school students in partnership with county health departments, state departments of public health, and school districts.

Vaccination at schools can address challenges faced by health care providers to vaccinate large numbers of children in a short window of time by bringing the vaccines to where children are. A school-located program also makes influenza vaccination an easier choice for parents and caregivers by addressing common vaccination barriers.

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Shoo the Flu at School

How does it work?

It takes a community to execute successful SLIV programs. The Shoo the Flu model activates cross-sector collaborations among local health departments, school districts, and other community partners. Together they bring the program to life, offering free influenza vaccines to participating schools and assembling trained healthcare professionals to vaccinate all students and school staff with completed consent forms.

Shoo the Flu is a good way to protect students and communities from influenza—plus, it’s:

  • Safe: It’s the same influenza vaccine students would get from their regular healthcare provider.
  • Easy: Students only need a completed consent form in order to participate.
  • Convenient: The whole process takes place during school hours.

Shoo the Flu helps students say Yes to the influenza vaccine. This model:

  • eliminates the need to take time off of work or school
  • promotes confidence-building and student-friendly communication about the vaccine, and
  • builds community within schools about the best ways to protect family and loved ones from the flu.
Check out the full Shoo the Flu Toolkit for help and resources to get started vaccinating in your schools

The Toolkit

Start your own program with these helpful resources!

Shoo the Flu has developed a toolkit to support school districts, local health departments, and other community organizations interested in implementing their own SLIV program. The content was developed through the implementation of an SLIV program in Oakland, California and includes:

  • Promotional and outreach materials
  • Instructional materials for school staff
  • Operational documents and training guides
  • Evaluation tools
  • And much more!
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