Consent Form Distribution

Consent Form Collection Envelope

It is helpful for teachers to have an envelope to collect their class’s consent forms. Instructions for consent distribution can be printed on one side of the envelope. Using an envelope is also helpful for keeping consents organized on the vaccine day.

Sample consent form collection envelope
Sample consent form collection envelope setup guide

Consent Form Envelope Receptacle

Having a receptacle for consent form envelopes to be collected helps the school stay organized. This could be a box or plastic bin that can serve as another visual reminder for staff and families and a consent due date can be written on a box label. These boxes can be reused year to year, with new labels being applied as needed. This is a sample label that could be applied to any sort of collection box or bin. 

Sample consent collection box label
Lesson Learned

Consider electronic distribution of the consent and VIS to schools and communities that can support and routinely use that method of communication with all parents/guardians. Parents/guardians can print the consent forms at home and return the completed paper copy to school.