Evaluation Tools

Ongoing evaluation of the program can support evidence-based decision making. It is important to understand what type of information is useful in making changes and from which audiences you would like feedback. It’s also important to understand what your capacity is to analyze feedback and we would discourage collecting any information if you don’t have a plan or the resources to utilize it. Below are sample surveys for varied types of audiences that can be distributed as hard copies or electronically.

School Staff Survey

This survey is meant for the primary school point of contact—the person who we were in touch with most in advance of and during Vaccine Day. A paper version can be handed to them to fill out while the team is there vaccinated. The survey can also be sent electronically after the vaccine day. Online survey software such as SurveyMonkey or SurveyGizmo provided survey analytics but surveys can also be sent at no cost using Google Forms.

Sample school staff survey

Parent/Guardian Survey

The consent form included the question “May we contact you for feedback on how to improve this program?” If the parent or guardian indicated “yes” and provided an email address, an electronic survey was sent in English and Spanish. This is an easy process but excludes parents/guardians who do not consent as well as provide a valid email address, which may bias your results. Our data entry staff created a spreadsheet of the provided email addresses and we used online survey software to send the survey and track/analyze results, but a free Google Form is also an option. 

Sample parent survey

General Staff Survey

To assess overall how implementation of the program went, all staff and volunteers can be sent a general survey. If you use an online scheduling software, this can be sent through that software.

Sample general staff survey