Nurse Training

This slide deck can be used to train volunteer and staff nurses on the scientific support for SLIV programs, flu vaccine, vaccine day operations, how to administer vaccine to children and what to do in an emergency. This training is designed to start broadly and gradually become more specific, with several opportunities for hands on practice.

Sample nurse training
Lesson Learned

For nurses with little to no experience vaccinating children, make sure to include role playing with some of the common scenarios they may encounter while vaccinating children. You may also want to have the needles to be used at vaccine days available for nurses to review.

Site Lead Training 

This slide deck that can be used as an outline for training site leads. Since we utilized ICS to implement the program, site leads are referred to as POD Site Managers (“POD” stands for “Point of Dispensing”) in this training. This training includes a large volume of information to receive at once so we recommend that any new site leaders be paired with experienced ones for the first few vaccination days. 

Sample site lead training

General Vaccine Day Operations

This outline can be used to guide a training for all staff and volunteers involved in supporting a flu vaccination event at a school. This can be used for an ICS or non-ICS based training. 

Outline for general staff/volunteer training
Lesson Learned

Prescreening completed consent forms at schools, a day or two before the vaccine day, is a highly valuable endeavor. Doing so improves vaccine estimates, can reveal small or large problems with a school’s ability to support the vaccination event (e.g. consent forms never sent home, no volunteers recruited), prepares the school well for the upcoming vaccine day, and is a time saver for event staff. We frequently relied on nursing students to do this and also often asked site leads and nursing staff to prescreen at other schools when their vaccination day was over.